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The Family Preservation Network actively applies the highest moral and ethical principles of its key members. Its substantial community has extensive practical experience and has researched many family law and children’s court cases. We provide a unique education and insight to assist families when they are dealing with child removal agencies, family court and guardianship interventions.


Our Advocates around Australia are knowledgeable and experienced. We have direct experience and understanding of what you are currently going through, especially when you have had a child or children forcibly removed from your care. Our caring and compassionate guidance places you many steps ahead in navigating the children’s court, family court and guardianship systems.


Our journalists follow and present stories of significant public interest, that are unbiased and informative. Because we specialise in reporting on the areas of child removals and family law from the family preservation perspective, and because of our understanding of the legislation around court suppression and non publication orders, we are uniquely placed to write and release stories from the position of those families honouring the true principles of open justice.

Family Preservation Social Network

The Family Preservation Network has our own independent social network. We don’t need to be concerned with Facebook blocks and bans, fact checking or topics that should not be spoken about. As long as you are respectful towards others, do not incite hatred or violence you are welcome to join us.

Be aware that we screen everyone who joins carefully so that not just anyone can become a member. You may be asked for references from others who are known to our network before you are accepted.

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