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Who We Are

The Family Preservation Network (FPN) began several years ago as a loose-knit unique collection of like minded people on social media, that came together as a spontaneous response to forced child removals. We all had experienced either having children forcibly taken by child removal services throughout Australia, or had been close to family members or friends who had their children forcibly removed. A number of people in our community had also experienced the traumas of the family courts and the heartbreaking issues associated with the family court system.

As our community grew we began supporting and assisting parents and grandparents everywhere that were new to the system who were confused by the unjust horrors they encountered. As part of that growth, we learned a lot about how the state-based child removal systems and federal family court systems operate. Our research has resulted in a comprehensive understanding of each step of the process in various court jurisdictions and our advocates are now some of the most sought after in Australia. Not surprisingly, we are all extremely busy, working tirelessly day and night to assist families crying out for help.

We all work voluntarily, we do not accept money for our work, however some of our members do accept Dana/Generosity when people give in thanks for our love and support. This non finance based system helps us to provide our services without fear of favour and this helps save families from the inherent financial discrimination apparent in our current adversarial judicial system. In our eyes all families are equal and all children belong with their families when they are loved by those families. We believe child removals should be a last resort not a first action and that in most situations families just need help and support and in some cases education.

Today, we maintain the same loose-knit structure we began with as it works well for us. However we are now starting to implement systems that assist us and reach many more people. For instance, we have our own social media network and we are implementing online training and webinars to assist more families.

We maintain our community spirit as being parents, grandparents and friends helping one another and we would like to welcome you to our community. “The true character of a society is in how it treats its children”