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What We Do

We assist parents to navigate both the state and territory child protection systems and the federal family court system. Often parents who come to seek our help have few resources and many can’t even afford a lawyer. In some cases even legal aid has been denied. Left to their own devices and deeply traumatised, parents often flounder and struggle trying to determine what they need to do and how they need to do it. This often results in poor outcomes for those left unrepresented.

We apply principles of social empowerment and speak directly to families about their individual cases before suggesting strategies and solutions. All cases progress down an easily identifiable handful of different routes, so once we understand your case we can make suggestions, provide invaluable information and connect you with the many individuals and organisations within our extensive national network.

Ultimately you will need to manage your own case. We do not and cannot manage your case for you. What we do is teach you how to best manage your case, instruct legal counsel if you able to obtain it, and sometimes even to help you obtain legal counsel, and direct you to the resources you need to defend you and your family. We teach you how to become self empowered, how to navigate the system, how to self-represent in court, and we can teach you how to source, write, create and file your own legal documents. We can even assist you in how to present your arguments to the court. In some instances we even assist you in how to lodge and file your own civil claims against individuals and organisations that may have wronged you and your family.

Sometimes it is useful to have a support person with you in court, at a meeting or on a phone call or video link up. We can often assist with this if we have someone available.

What we provide is the know-how for those who are often left out in a void, and we show you how to confidently navigate a system that generally provides very limited resources in your fight for truth and justice.