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Assistance With Bail Surety

NSW police have accused my husband of crimes he didn’t commit. My husband is currently on remand in a NSW prison. He is loved by his family and those he associates with. His step-kids love him. He has been stuck in jail on remand for nearly 6 months. He has been charged with crimes he didn’t commit. He is suffering severe depression, anxiety and PTSD because he is being kept from his family.

I have over 600 pieces of evidence that will prove my husband’s innocence.

I met my husband about 12 years ago, but due to circumstances, we didn’t begin a relationship until June 2020. For several months we were all happy together until my eldest daughter fabricated fraudulent reports to DCJ. On the first few occasions, DCJ investigated and found no issues. But the reports then became more frequent. This resulted in him being charged for offences he didn’t commit. Bail was denied, and he’s been stuck on remand for nearly 6 months.

He has a bail hearing coming up, which if he gets bail, he will need to lodge a $10,000 surety, which I don’t have. He is not a flight risk.